Some Firebird trivia…

Firebird began as a concept sometime during the mid-1990’s. Written in long hand (yes: pen and paper, front to back!) the initial draft was completed in 2004. At just over 110,000 words it’s a full length action-thriller novel. Typing, proof reading and editing brings us to here, 2011.

One of the regular questions I get is, “What inspired me to write a book?”

Well, writing a full length novel is not a task to take on lightly…  Especially as a hobby…  I think if I’d known back then what I know now, I probably wouldn’t have started!  But the simple truth for me was that I was wandering around a major book store and couldn’t find a single new thing that I wanted to buy and read.

So, probably a little naively, I decided I’d better write something for myself!

Firebird is therefore unashamedly full of the sorts of things I’d like to see in an action thriller and as a result you may well find a passing semblance to the styles of some of my favourite writers.  I hope I haven’t let them down… :)


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