The day the sun stands still…

… well, close.

The summer solstice appears as part of the timeline of Firebird…

They drove slowly out into the desert in two of the jeeps.  Hudson glanced across at Tretchen sitting beside him as he drove.  She looked tense but determined.

‘Blimey, it’s hot,’ grumbled Tassos, from the back seats.

‘It would be,’ said Dimitri who was sitting next to him, ‘It is the longest day, after all.’

‘Is it really?’ piped up the Professor.  ‘Is it today?’

‘June 21st,’ confirmed Dimitri.  ‘Summer Solstice.’

‘Funny word that…’ said Tassos, ‘Solstice.’

‘It comes from Latin I believe,’ said the Professor.  ‘Solstitium; literally meaning the standing still of the sun…,’ his voice trailed off.  Hudson glanced back at him.  ‘Let’s be very careful, eh, Mike?’  The Professor muttered.

Hudson nodded and turned his attention back to driving.

This year I celebrated Midsummer in Finland for the second year on the trot, out in the midst of a tiny rural farming community by the shores of the Gulf of Bothnia (the Northern Baltic Sea) and in almost perfect silence (if you ignore the squawking gulls and buzzing mosquitos)…

Once again this year I was so lucky to be entertained by the most wonderful bunch of Finnish friends.  Once again rather a lot of alcohol was consumed (“Kippis!”).  Once again there was wonderful food and, given that the days are twenty hours long, there was even some time for writing (the first few thousand words of Thunder are safely in the Mac and the draft book cover is not far off either).

The only difference this year…  I managed not to fall out of the boat during our drunken journey back from the pub!

Happy days.

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  1. andrea brigatti

    One of the very few good things about being a rolling dwarf is that u’ve got four wheels under your bottom, makes it hard to fall even when soaked in alcohool… doesn’t work for smashing into walls though^^


    • Thank you so much Andrea (Rolling Dwarf) for your review on Your kind words felt like the arm of a close friend being wrapped around my shoulders… And, trust me, they couldn’t have come at a better time. I really appreciate it and am glad you enjoyed the story.

      Hopefully the fledgling Firebird can keep itself fluttering off the shelves :)

      Oh – and mind out for walls and stuff!

      Ciao, Anthony


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