Mum is always right…

… And she’s probably the only one brave enough to tell you.

Yep, I might be significantly taller than her.  I might be more than twice as old as she was when she brought me (no doubt kicking and screaming) into the world.  I might be even more opinionated than during the childhood years that she lovingly nurtured me (and taught me how to argue)…  But…  I’m only human.  My mum spotted and pointed out a couple of flaws in Firebird:

One: Having seen the very original draft she noticed that the First Edition opening had been cut back – she said, “…too far”.

Two: She noticed that on large font settings on the Kindle it was difficult to see the line breaks between scene changes (especially in the fast moving sections)…

Well – naturally – I entirely disagreed with her…, went off and sulked for a while (several weeks…), had a good think, realised she was right, made a couple of minor changes and, republished.

For anyone who has a First Edition version, the differences are cosmetic and, if you’re mad enough to be interested, you can view the updated opening chapter for free by refreshing or downloading the sample chapters.  The remainder of the book is untouched except for some very small edits to Chapter 10 (to reduce repetition).  You can see which version you have on the Title Page (Location 1).

So that was me told.  And a good job too.

Love you Mum… x

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