My gang is bigger than yours…

A week of stark and bitter contrasts:

  • One one hand; unbelievable generosity of spirit and community – to the point of tragic sacrifice.
  • On the other; unbelievable selfishness and petty greed – to no point whatsoever.

I know which camp I stand in.  I know which camp will prevail.  I know which camp makes the best of life, enjoys the benefits of this gift of existence, feels true satisfaction and lasting happiness…

The immediate positive response to the riots, by the vast majority of true British citizens – young and old – of every creed and colour – has reminded us of the importance of standing together.  Reminded us of how giving a little, pays back in spades.  Indeed it seems to me that the “new Brits” are leading this, bringing elements of distant cultures into our own and helping us to become even stronger as a nation.

As for the thugs, they have inadvertently reminded us that when we group together we have tremendous power and, in our case, an amazing capacity for good.  Our gang is not just bigger than theirs, it’s better in every possible way.

My heart goes out to the bereaved families and friends of the victims of the violence.  I am so very sorry for your loss…  It’s probably scant comfort but I for one believe that your loved ones have made a difference.  By standing up for what they hold dear their actions have made the world a fractionally better place.  And that’s a lot more than most of us will ever achieve.

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  1. I totally echo your sentiments, more people came out to clear up than the scum that made the mess. They complain and moan on the news about how hard life is for them, and yet do they have to go into air-raid shelters every night? Is their food rationed, do they have to try and catch the attentions of the ganger for a day’s work? Their idea of hardship is having to buy , not the top selling trainers, but the second-best. I despair when I see the penalties handed out, a day’s imprisonment. Mothers of twelve year old rioters cursing and abusing all and sundry, but not accepting they are themselves useless, and are part of the problem. And finally, those lives lost, no, not lost, stolen, and for what? I do not believe in the death-penalty, I do not have the right to condone the taking of a life, no matter what the circumstances. But I do believe that a life-sentence should be ‘what it says on the tin’.


  2. This made me snicker for an extended time.


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