Back with Vengeance…

… no typo intended.

Apologies for the extended radio silence but it’s amazing what two weeks, completely disconnected from everything, can do for recharging tired old batteries (and the odd author… odd being the operative word).

Skala KalloniFirst off, a recommendation: if you’re the sort of person who likes un-commercialised holidays, with miles of unpopulated sandy beaches, red hot sunshine and dappled cypress shade, absolute silence (dogs, goats and occasional mopeds aside), abundant wildlife (pelicans, buzzards, hermit crabs, jelly fish and more) and don’t mind immersing yourself into a traditional Greek fishing village with just enough friendly tavernas to keep you ‘plied with the necessary solid and liquid (in my case read alcoholic) nutrients for a fortnight then I’d strongly recommend Skala Kalloni on Lesvos Island…  Absolutely top notch.  Thanks to everyone there for making us feel so welcome (especially Theo, Dimitri, Maria and Maria (woof))…  Yamas!

Second, some hopefully good news: despite my best efforts to the contrary, I didn’t do nothing for two weeks.  Thunder has absolutely come to life, it most definitely has the legs to make it to my target length, is brim full of new characters and Vengeance is an object (I’ll go no further than that) within it.  So, I’m back with Vengeance and about fourteen thousand other interesting words of (very) raw draft…

I’ll sign off with what may end up being the opening sentence of the blurb, hope you like it…

“Mine is a love story, written in blood.”

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  1. Hi ya, I know what you mean about “recharging tired old batteries. I was forced by circumstances to stop writing for about three months due to work and other commitments. When I came back? Dang! It was good. Productivity sky high and project complete. Now I’m onto the next…

    Oh, I like your blog too.

    David R. Noblet


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