Blog Exclusive: Advance preview of new Firebird cover…

After some significant assistance from a couple of fellow Goodreads authors (on one of the many useful Goodreads forums) and a week of tinkering and self education (including random periods of loud profanity), I think I’ve cracked it…

I had in mind, for the cover of Firebird, a single hand-made metallic medallion…

Sadly, during publication, I had no idea how I might produce such a picture and hence I had to go with the 2D image used on Editions 1 and 2.  But now, I think, I’ve got it sussed…

The various pieces of production work associated with publishing a novel have proved a huge learning curve for me, even compared to the writing itself.  But, because I’m a bit OCD, I write down what I do for future reference and have decided that I might as well make some of my (written by an idiot) guides available on this site…  The first of these (producing a 2D cover) is also published today in the Rough Guides section (above).  I’ll add the journey to 3D in a little while (but need to get back to writing Thunder for the next few days)…

I’m planning a Third Edition release of Firebird for sometime in October.  There are no material changes to the story (except for correcting a couple of annoying minor typo’s that I found the other day) but I am going to change stress words from underline to italics and add a couple of “zoomed in” maps (having seen in A Game of Thrones how hard it is to use a standard Kindle sized one)…  I’m also updating (shortening) the blurb after some very useful author feedback and … to the point of this post… going to go with my new cover image…

Here’s an exclusive glimpse of what it’s likely to look like…

What do you think…?

FIREBIRD - 3rd Edition Cover

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  1. Hey Anthony, like the new design. Though the basic design sort of reminds me of the logo for Russian Standard vodka. The new one is certainly more stylish :)



    • Thanks David… :-) I just had a look at the Russian Standard logo (very nice)… Maybe I’ve been testing out their product too often…? Or, maybe, it’s a good suggestion to reach for a bottle before reading…?!


  2. Anthony, I like the latest cover best, though the first one was OK as well. Even so, with the medallion present, it makes even the bird stand out.


  3. Glad you have had some good help with getting your book ready. That certainly makes things go smoother. Love the cover. I think it looks good!


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