Time flies…

… as do pigs (occasionally).

I can’t believe it’s been over a week since my last post but, looking back, I’m also wondering what I’ve actually achieved in the intervening time…

Well, aside from:

  • Writing another fair slice of Thunder
  • Setting up the epub files for Firebird v.3
  • Making lots of new Goodreads and Twitter friends (hello all…)
  • Creating my first and probably only animated 3D gif file (I do love tinkering with technology)
  • Pickling my beetroot (seriously, this is not an intentional double entendre…)
  • Rediscovering my hoover (and working out how to switch it on again)
  • Exchanging writing thoughts and drafts with another indie author
  • Doing two solid days of (boring) business analysis (which I still need to finish off) and…
  • Spending far too long surfing around the internet!

Given my last bullet point above and that (mysteriously) Summer has finally descended on the United Kingdom (I know, it’s incredible, 27 degrees in September!), I’m off into the garden to see if I can find my lawnmower…

Thanks for all the positive feedback on the new book cover.  Much appreciated.

Time flies; so make the best of every second…

(now then… I think it’s lurking somewhere in that long grass that I used to call a lawn… where’s my machete?)

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Writing to amuse myself and entertain others. (https://anthonybellaleigh.wordpress.com)

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