Countdown = T Minus Zero… Firebird 3rd Edition Launched

Do people really judge books by their covers…?

We do seem to be hard-coded to make snap judgements based on what we sense around us and sight does seem to play a dominant role in this.  Maybe it’s an ‘animal’ thing?  One day, when I can’t find anything more interesting to do, I’m going to have to do a bit more research into this apparent sensory-order-of-precedent… (could be a long wait…).

The concept of perception is also toyed with in Firebird but as I think I’ve mentioned before, at the time of publication, the limits of my artistic capability created a temporarily insurmountable barrier and, as a higher priority, I wanted the 1st Edition to be synchronised with the same calendar day as the story begins (albeit that 2011 is obviously a different year).  So that’s why Firebird launched with a 2D cover.

Feel free to call my strange attention to tiny details, like the launch date, ‘OCD’ if you like…  I do, because it probably is OCD.

Anyhow, now it’s time to make good the final piece of the puzzle.  I think I finally have a cover that does some reasonable justice to the story that’s hiding just behind it:

FIREBIRD: 3rd Edition published – 7th October 2011 (all of the changes are listed on the editions page.  There is no material change to the storyline).

Thanks once again to all of you who have already read it and thanks to everyone who has helped with the new artwork. I really do appreciate every single comment, post and review…

(Right then monster, off you go…  I’ve got a thunderstorm raging here and it’s been waiting impatiently for my attention…)

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