In a dark place…

That’s where I am right now…  Surrounded by demons.

It’s okay though; I often find myself here and, if I’m honest, sometimes I quite enjoy it.

The tricky thing is finding my way back out again…

It can’t be helped; the twists and turns of life, combined with a cursedly overactive imagination, can at times conjure up bleak and bitter landscapes, in every direction, as far as my mind’s eye can see.

So I need to remember that this is not reality; the pessimism and negativity that I’m weaving around myself is just another fiction.  Life is much more balanced and generally very kind.  It randomly produce all sorts of unexpectedly pleasant gifts and surprises…

I just have to make sure I look out for these little breadcrumbs.

Recognise them, when they happen.

And follow them out of here…

(Now listen you guys, how am I supposed to write with you lot dementedly chattering at me…? Oh and you, yes you, the one with the eyes like blazing coals and teeth like razored switchblades… mmmm, you…, stop it.  That’s no way to behave in public…)

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  1. I ain’t in public, amigo. Here’s hoping you can find the coordinates of the dark place and a GPS to help you avoid entering it. Good luck.


  2. Keep a lighter with you. That is what I do so I can flick it on when things get a bit too dark. Hen you can find your way back out of the dark :)


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