A few kind words…

… can really make a difference.

When, a few weeks ago, a Canadian authoress contacted me (on this Blog Site) and said that she’d just bought a copy of Firebird I thought to myself… ‘Cool, maybe I’ve finally got the blurb right?’

Then I discovered that she didn’t usually read thrillers… (‘Uh oh…!’)

Then I discovered she intended to do a full review and post it to her personal book review websites… (‘……!!’)

It’s probably worth me sharing that I have some personal rules that I’m trying to stay true to even though, commercially, they may be a bit foolish.  At some point I might share them all but a couple are relevant here:

  • I will always try my hardest not to ‘check in’ with anyone who I know (or suspect) is in the middle of reading one of my books (this is really hard, especially if they are family!).  My reason: books are a very personal thing and I don’t want to get drawn into the middle of that relationship.
  • I will not participate in “read-for-review” or “read-for-ratings” fads that I sometimes come across in the on-line eBook communities.  My reason: if people feel genuinely motivated to write something, they will – in their own style and hand – and those reviews and comments (whatever they say) will always be worth so much more to me as a writer.

Anyway, Ms.Budden is nothing if not an enthusiastic emailer (and a very friendly one, by all accounts) and so I have been drip fed a somewhat alarming commentary of sleepless nights, terrifying visions and of a reader suddenly well outside of their normal reading zone… (‘Oops… I’m fairly sure it’s in the right genres…!’)

And now she’s published her reviews…

Thank-you Norma…  Your feedback just made fifteen years of effort feel like it was worthwhile.

Norma Budden’s Review of Firebird

Norma’s Firebird discussion page (with my mugshot in the middle of it, which is enough to put anyone off…!)

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  1. Anthony, you’re a gem and I was pleasantly surprised when I read your most recent blog – posted for your thousandth viewer to see – which happened to be me. I had no idea this is what you had in mind for that particular milestone but you engaged me from start to finish. Boy, did I laugh at your “drip fed” paragraph! I had tears in my eyes as I erupted in laughter a few times. :) Thanks for the feature.


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