Back-ache is a pain in the…


Upgrading the kid’s satellite dish to HD was actually a pretty easy job.  Picture me, six feet and seventy kilos of finely honed skin and bone, clinging like some storm battered limpet to the top of my ladder.  With several extra kilos of weirdly shaped metal, ominously drifting around above me, at the end of my outstretched arm…

It was only the next day when I realised I’d torn the muscles at the base of my spine…  And only a few blithly-ignorant days later, when the dull ache decided to unleash itself and accelerate, with the ferocity of a rogue firecracker in a munitions factory, from mild irritation to extreme agony (and, yes, I’m talking serious man-flu proportions here), that I realised I had to rest up and not do anything for a while.

Hmmm…  I’m not much good at doing nothing.

It’s a real pain in the ****!

(Now, where’s the remote gone, I know it’s got to be in this duvet somewhere..?)

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  1. I can totally relate, Anthony. My back was already going out at age 21 and they said it looked like the back of a sixty-five year old (in the x-rays, not externally). Apparently the Army failed to notice I had scoliosis when they approved me for jumping out of planes! Ironically, they made me keep jumping until I left the service at 28 years old. My advice to you is heating pads. They are wonderful. If you can get some Vioxx or Celebrex, they do very well in getting rid of the pain too. Hope it goes away soon. Nothing much is worse than a back that is causing yout trouble.


    • Thanks for the advice and empathy Mistress… will venture off in search of some heating pads later this afternoon (once I’ve managed to lever myself out of my pit…)…


      • You don’t have anyone who can go get you one? I know how awful it can be trying to get out with a bad back. If there is someone who could go for you, that would be better. The heating pad really will take the edge off the pain and loosen you up some.


      • I could send some of my demons but goodness only knows what they’d end up coming back with… Nope, in the interests of humanity, I’ll steel myself and venture forth… ooww… uurrgh… us men are made of tough stuff you know… ow ow ow…!! :)


      • I see your point. Demons are not very reliable. Glad you are such a tough man that you can make it on your own! Do take care, though, I would hate for you to feel even worse after the trip out :(


      • I promise I’ll be careful Mistress … think it’ll do me good to move about a bit (p.s. you can exchange ‘tough’ for ‘typically stupid’ in your comment for a more accurate portrayal! LOL)


  2. See what happens when you try to be a great dad? Dang kids! Make sure you milk this, heaping loads of guilt on them so they at least serve you food and drink or massage your back. I’ve found that an occasional moan followed by a fit of dementia (“Grandpa, is that you?” or “Children, give me your ruby slippers!”) gets the little buggers motivated.

    Hope you feel better…


    • :D Good call and the dementia piece should come easily… have just taken the Mistress’s advice and procured a gross of heat patches… They seem to be doing the business so I’ve stuck a few on just to be on the safe side… funny burning smell coming from somewhere though?


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