Hey! My little ghostlie’s made the final…

I’m amazed…  The Mistress of the Dark Path’s Halloween short story competition was a raging success.  She got ten great entries which really demonstrated the expanse and range of creative writing skills which are bubbling away within the Indie Writer community (well, nine of them did at least).

I wouldn’t have liked to be the one who had to thin it down to just four…

The following link will take you to the final four short stories in all of their brief but eclectic glory.  Please pop along and have look for a couple of minutes, the various authors will doubtless be really grateful (and maybe you’ll find a new writer to keep an eye out for?)…  If you want to vote then please vote for your favourite (I promise I won’t send the Firebird round after you (and you’re safe anyway: because it’s out shopping somewhere at the moment – I know this because my credit card’s gone missing (again))…

Halloween Short Story Finalists & Public Vote

Hurry! Voting ends at midnight on Monday 31st October…  whhhoooo…!

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  1. Congrats! Enjoyed the story but haven’t read the others per casting a vote. Hmm…we could do the Indie standard, “I’ll vote for you if you vote for me.” But I’m not a contender. What am I to do? :)


    • Ha Ha …!! :) …does your dry wit get you into trouble as much as mine does!! So, in answer to your question (and in the same spirit); I only want your vote if you also promise to give me a Six Star Review alright…?! ;)


      • The Mistress is watching, beware!


      • Sorry Mistress… (to clarify our little joke for all visitors: JL and I became friends because we share a common dislike of R2R and mutual up-scoring between indies… sorry if we’re not clear in our prattling…) … but can I take my punishment anyway…? :)


      • lol, I figured you all were being sarcastic. It was just too tempting to not step in and say something! I’m actually glad to see some indies that don’t like to do that. Drives me nuts. Of course, some people think I’m a little too honest in my reviews, but most of the ones I post are actually good. This is partially because I won’t read a bad book for long before tossing it down to find a better one. I rarely review the ones I don’t get far into.


  2. Gratz on making it, Anthony. It is always hard to decide who should be in the finals. I had a reviewer friend from Amazon helping me. We were actually shooting emails back and forth discussing it. He has never commented on the blog, but he is a good judge of writing. Anyway, good luck on the voting. There are still more than two days left until the poll closes!


    • Really made my day Mistress… (and, a really clever way to develop your site… well done! Just need to get the olde-masterpiece finished now, eh?) :)


      • Ugh, I just chopped a whole chapter of my WIP. It was sad watching the word count fall. I can’t even bare to change my meter and will just wait until it it beyond that number to adjust it. Sometimes, though, you just know you wrote a scene or two that weren’t meant to be, no matter how much you liked them. I knew that and faced reality. Now making adjustments to the follow on chapters to reflect the change. There were two before the cut chapter, but I’m going to hold off changing them until later as it will take too long and keep me diverted off course. I’m almost to the point now that I can move on with the story again.


      • That’s actually pretty awesome. Critical self editing, consideration of the reading experience (how the words add (or not) to the storyline) and then detailed continuity corrections… sounds like you’re right on track to me (irrespective of what the word count meter says!)… :)


      • That is the point. For all the criticizing I do of other people’s books, I have no excuse for not doing the same with my own. Of course, it still has a ways to go, but hopefully it turns out good. Thanks for the encouragement :)


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