Everyone’s A Winner…

Sad ghostlieWell, my little ghostlie didn’t win the short story contest but it shouldn’t be too sad about it.  All of the stories were of a very high standard and one, that I particularly liked for its random take on Winnie The Pooh, didn’t even make the shortlist!  Thanks to everyone who voted for me.  Much appreciated.  I hope you had fun reading the various submissions.

Anyway, stop looking sad, little ghostlie…

The up-side is you now get your very own page on this site!

I’ve added a Short Stories section and Beware of the Dark Path is now available there.  I’ve also included a poem I wrote back in 1994 for a national poetry writing competition and which was selected and published as part of an anthology of gardening poems in the same year.

Happy Ghostlie

Hopefully readers will find both pieces entertaining and amusing – as a writer, that’s really the best thing I can hope to achieve…

So, off you go then little one…  Go and find your new home…!

About anthonybellaleigh

Writing to amuse myself and entertain others. (https://anthonybellaleigh.wordpress.com)

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  1. You have a great attitude, your writing is fun to read. The Halloween story was especially chilling!


  2. Hey, at least you gave it a try…and a good one at that.


    • thanks JL… to be honest, I was quite glad it didn’t win. It was enough for me that a few people read and enjoyed it (and it making the final four). Great writing exercise just throwing out something random with strict time limits and rules… maybe we should all have a go on next month’s? I think the Mistress is hinting at a “food” theme… :)


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