What fool said writing the book was the hard part…?

I accept that the writing and editing took a long time but that was only the start of it…

This last week has been about Press Releases.  I didn’t do one at launch time (mainly because I didn’t even think about it) and so, six months later, I’ve been catching up.

A small confession: whilst those that know me might think otherwise, I’m not as self-confident as I make myself out to be.  I’m actually very self-critical – perhaps overly so.  I vaguely hope that this keeps me more “levelled” (and my otherwise sizeable ego in check) but it’s a serious flaw when it comes to book promotion and, if there’s one thing that an Indie Writer has to do to endlessly it’s – you guessed it – promote their work…

Stick this promotional activity on top of the book design, typography, cover art, layout, twitter community development, blog-site development, file format optimisation, brand definition, etc. and I’m starting to really understand just how much energy, support and skill the traditional publishing industry puts behind its releases.

I did, however, get another small slice of positive encouragement this week, regarding the book cover, via one of my favourite resource websites (called The Book Designer and run by a guy called Joel Friedlander – I strongly recommend any visiting indie writers to check it out).  Anyway, I submitted Firebird’s cover to his monthly just-for-fun cover competition, then closed my eyes and bravely hoped for the best: JF seems to tell it how he sees it – often bluntly…!!  Well, the results are out and Joel’s only critique was that he thinks it doesn’t need to have 3D lettering in the typeface.

“A strong cover…,” says Mr. Friedlander.

Well, the mad “fool” that thought that the initial writing would be the hard part – i.e. me – will take that as praise indeed!

(hmmm… there’s my hoover… I wonder, if I clench my butt cheeks hard enough, whether I can drag it around behind me whilst I’m doing all this other stuff?  The carpets do need a good clean…)

Joel Friedlander’s October Book Cover Results (The Book Designer Website)

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  1. Anthony dear, great post. Take in ALL you can from any words of encouragement. When they come from family and friends, we tend to be skeptical (because they all try to be nice), but when it comes from a stranger–that much more powerful. If JF said it’s good, you better believe it.
    I’m struggling with the cover, not because I don’t know what photos to pick, but because of the layout. And when the difference is a matter of atop the photo versus beneath the photo, then yeah it’s hard to pick. Maybe my gut instinct will kick in? LOL

    Speaking of carpet cleaning–since you are at it, do you mind stopping by and taking care of mine as well?


    • Hi Camelia… In my opinion your “Hidden Heart” is still a benchmark Indie Cover for me. I popped over to your blog and left a comment on your latest draft (and have scarpered back here for safety)… :) Personally, I think you should keep the layout the same as before and modify the image (I’m not sure if you can move the woman up – so she’s top left, and the man down – so he’s bottom right, and get rid of the letterbox – i.e. maintain the look and feel of Hidden Heart but with a different base image??)

      Visitors: JL, Norma, et al: if you get a few seconds perhaps you can pop over to http://cameliamironskiba.wordpress.com and help Camelia with her cover conundrums…??

      p.s. am now experimenting with dusters too… cleaning has never been so dangerous!


  2. I’m glad you enjoyed the outcome of your “fun.”

    Man, you make me laugh. What else can I say? I really enjoy your sense of humor.


  3. I couldn’t agree with you more per the marketing being the hardest part, and had I known the work necessary before launching, well…

    Regrets? No, but when I’m trying to support my family in other businesses, it’s hard to justify the hours necessary to get someone to “like” my Facebook page let alone getting them to buy the book.

    Conclusion? None, really. I suppose I can either quit or continue to plug away. I will add that it’s comforting to know I’m not the only author out there beating my head against the proverbial wall. Or was that you beating my head?


    • Yep, sometimes I wonder if the Indie community isn’t just aggravating this all on its own? Books are not very likely to be quick winners: I know that mine will take several months to go from purchase to completion (considering how many books are still sitting on my Kindle waiting to be picked up and read)…? Anyway, I now keep a strict daily calendar for marketing and have a fixed period (short) where I visit the social networks (otherwise it just starts to take over your life)… oh, and please pass my proverbial wall back please … I feel the need… :)


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