Back to the Grindstone?

I’ve finally recovered from New Year – I think – and my house seems larger again now that the decorations are down.  Incredibly, I’ve even packed all of the Christmas ornaments into their boxes and put them up into the loft!  I confess: one year I got distracted during this process and they ended up sitting around in my spare room… for a whole twelve months… but I’m not like that any more, honest.

Anyway, here we are then, venturing into 2012.  Some people say that these next couple of months are the “dark” ones but I don’t mind this time of year.  The days are getting longer – albeit slowly – and there’s all the promise of Spring and Summer to look forward to.  For me, these “dark” months, when the weather tends to keep me trapped inside, are a good time for pushing on.  A good time for getting jobs done and things out of the way.  For having a “run at” the year.

Which reminds me, I also need to get cracking with my ski-fitness programme.  Ten days of blasting around in Colorado powder beckon, like a shining beacon of fun, in the near-distance. The problem is though, if I don’t do some work to get myself into shape, it’ll more likely be one day of blasting and then nine days of feeble excuse mongering as I limp around with my muscles set rigidly in a “you’re not doing any more of that” position.

So, come on then January…  hand me that grindstone because right now is the perfect time for sharpening up!

(Right, I know there’s a stepper somewhere in this spare room…  Perhaps it’s underneath those halloween outfits?)

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  1. I’ll send you a few degrees and some extra sun from Arizona…we have plenty of both and so we can spare a few. Happy New Year, Anthony!


  2. January does feel like a darker month but it seems you have the right attitude. Try to do everything in moderation and hopefully you will get through your goals just fine :)


  3. Colorado? Sounds awesome! But I’m curious…aren’t the Alps closer?


    • They sure are and I spent my first few seasons in France… Then we decided to try The Rockies a few years ago and with more snow (Europe has been really warm for most of the last few winters), much more space on the slopes and with well organised lift queues/buses there was no going back! The only downsides are the longer journey and that I can be a little bit of a lazy-skier (the lack of ski-traffic and consistently wide pistes mean that in America the slopes are usually very predictably well groomed and you have to make yourself go and ski the hard stuff. In Europe, even easy Blue/Red runs regularly contain a variety of short steep/narrow sections and moguls (will bump up during the day) because they’re rarely manmade and tend to wind around the natural contours of the mountain sides and river valleys). Having said that, I think I’m happy to settle for lazy most of the time though – it is supposed to be a holiday after all! :) How about you, though? Ever skied or boarded?


      • I skied once back in high school in Ohio (mini hills) where with my snowplow technique, I took out one woman and almost a few planks in a fence.

        I really loved it, the skiing part that is, but it was too expensive a hobby. Now, I’m not much richer, but my knees are too beat up.

        Enjoy and hope the weather’s great!


      • Ha ha… :) That snowplough story brought back a few memories! … and from both a money and fitness perspective I do wonder how much longer I’ll be able to keep it up. Thanks for the well wishes!


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