Blink once and it’s almost February…!!

Apologies that I haven’t blogged for a little while.  Clocks seem to have a nasty habit of hurtling around when I’m not watching them – which, I suppose, is all the more reason to keep trying to wring the very best out of every second that flies by…

And yet, Your Honour, in my defence, I feel justified in laying before the court the following extenuating circumstances or, in other words, three feeble excuses:

1. I’ve had some real work to do.  The kind that puts ‘bread on tables’ and ‘roofs over heads’; as opposed to writing, which just seems to be a masochistic mechanism for publicly lowering my self-esteem.

2. Completely ignoring the previously mentioned risk of self-injury, I’ve been channeling much of my spare time into drafting the next book.  It’s coming along nicely with about 45,000 words sketched out.  I suspect it’ll end up slightly longer than Firebird so I’m estimating that I’ve written about forty percent of the first draft.

3. I’ve been in hiding…  It’s been a strange few weeks for reviews of Firebird.  On Goodreads it got awarded an “okay” and a “really liked it” but it’s also had a couple of one star write ups on Amazon.  I’m obviously disappointed, even though I’ve known all along that this was something I’d need to deal with.  I don’t expect that everyone is going to like the story; books are a very personal thing and our perceptions of them vary wildly. Nonetheless, despite the fact that I know a lot of people are enjoying it, the negative comments did knock my confidence a bit.

4. Dragonage II (on the XBox).

Oops… that’s four excuses but games consoles are definitely time bending machines…  And the skeletal archers on that last level were particularly tricky to annihilate…

I rest my case.

(p.s. special apologies to Albie: Sorry mate, I’ve not looked at the Shakespeare spoof yet…)

(p.p.s. does anyone know how to sharpen a quill…?)

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