Once more unto the breach…

That’s where I’ve been for the last few days…

Well, by ‘breach’, I’m referring to the task of re-editing a one hundred and thirteen thousand word document.  This was something I genuinely thought I wouldn’t need to do again but a selection of nagging thoughts finally accumulated into sufficiently weighty motivation to convince me otherwise:

  1. When I’m reading other books  – and not just Indie ones – I regularly find myself muttering that they’re missing one final edit: i.e. time for a bit of ‘physician heal thyself’…
  2. I got mildly panicky when Firebird suddenly shifted a LOT of copies over Christmas: i.e. my self-critical side went into a complete meltdown…
  3. A couple of people that I really respect separately questioned identical things in the 3rd Edition: i.e. prodded the already open and gently bleeding confidence gash mentioned just a moment ago…
  4. Lastly, I remembered that there’s nothing wrong with making mistakes, providing you do something to correct them for the future.

So, a bit like when you’ve just finished polishing the car and step back only to see you’ve left a sizeable smudge of still-matt beeswax on one of the doors, I rolled up my sleeves, dug deep and dived back in.  It took several solid – and I mean solid – days of my very best obsessive compulsion to carefully take a scalpel to a few of the dialogues, a couple of the character introductions and one back story.  Note: this was not a hatchet job.  Far from it.  Around two hundred words have been removed and, mysteriously, another fifteen hundred have appeared from somewhere.  The main storyline is completely unchanged and there are no significant new revelations.  I was – and remain – happy with the earlier versions but this new one removes a few slips of the pen, more subtly presents the romantic encounters and, fingers-crossed, hopefully means it’s ‘job done’ now, once and for all.

Oh, and I managed to fix at least part of the hyperlinked Table of Contents…!

Multitasking or what!

(p.s. To get an updated version of any Amazon Kindle book requires Amazon to ‘push’ the new version to your kindle library – yes, it seems strange to me too.  If anyone visiting here already has a copy of Firebird and would prefer to read the new edition then you’ll need to log into your Amazon Account, look for the ‘Kindle Support’ section and use the ‘Contact Us’ button to send them an email along the lines of “Please can you push me the latest version of Firebird ASIN: B004ZUTNGI”)

(p.p.s. A special thank-you to Alec and Hugh for your invaluable commentaries)

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  1. Welcome to the club!

    “When God hands you a gift, he also hands you a whip; and the whip is intended for self-flagellation solely.” Truman Copote


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