What do demons do on Valentine’s Day?

I’m sitting here with a huge grin on my face.  Fellow blogger, Mistress of the Dark Path, has just selected the finalists for her February Short Story Competition and, you guessed it, a small slice of my crazy imagination has somehow managed to sneak its way into the top three!


I find that penning short stories, like this one, is the intellectual equivalent of a good workout.  The Mistress does an excellent job of setting a base theme and then several compulsory items – literary hurdles – which must be circumnavigated within a rigid word limit (hmmm… come to think of it: the similarities to my relentlessly vicious sports coach are spooky…).  This stretches the imagination and then the act of posting to a public audience is both exciting and encourages attention to detail.  It’s something I’d wholeheartedly recommend and the Mistress runs her competitions most months… so go on! Why not give it a go next time?

This month’s theme was, not surprisingly, Valentine’s.  All of the entrants were amazing and somehow the Mistress has whittled them down to three…

Now it’s your turn.

The winner is selected by an open vote but you need to hurry.  Voting closes on Friday.

I had such a lot of fun writing mine that I’m more than satisfied just to be on the shortlist but please do pop along and help yourself to a few short minutes of free reading on us.  The stories are brief and will all, hopefully, make you smile.  Vote for whichever one you most enjoy!!

Vote Here:  February (Valentine) Finalists on Musings of Mistress of the Dark Path

Want to read all of the submissions?  February Competition Page on MoMotDP

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  1. Excellent job summing up my contests, Anthony. I am most impressed!

    As for the rigidity of my guidelines, there are actually a few good reasons (in my opinion, which is the only one that matters of course) on why they are the way they are. The first is just that I’m evil and like to give a good challenge to anyone who wants to be a winner in my contests. Two, is my prompts tend to spark story ideas regardless of what status your muse is in (even if it is on vaccation, it my want to come back)! Three, it prevents plagiarism since it is highly unlikely anyone wrote a story before meets the guidelines. Though there is still a chance, it is unlikely enough I don’t have to spend a bunch of time making sure people didn’t steal an idea from somewhere else. Four is it puts all the entrants on a level playing field so that their voice and creativity have to do all the work. I’ve seen some excellent stories come out in the contests because of this and I’m happy to see I can challenge writers to push themselves into producing works that might have been outside their comfort zone before.

    As for next month, it will be about St. Patrick’s Day, of course, and will be a lot of fun! I have some more evil plans in the works for the guidelines :)


  2. Best of luck!


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