Not completely back, yet…

Hmmm… I’m physically back in the UK.  Safe and sound and with all limbs pointing roughly in the right directions…  The problem is: a substantial part of me seems to be stuck in the Rocky Mountains more than 10,000 feet above sea-level and seven hours back in time.

Yep, I feel as rough as a sheet of coarse-grade sandpaper and, for the time being, just as abrasive too…

There’s very little point in me trying to write much while I’m feeling so unwell so I’ve  settled for posting a new Guide Page with a few personal musings about ‘book pitches’ based on my humble experiences over the last ten months.  I drafted this piece back in February and maybe it might be useful for fellow authors (even if just for them to say, ‘Yep, I know that already…’)…

Abnormal services will be restored as soon as possible.  :-)

Latest Idiot’s Guide: Tuning a Book Pitch

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  1. Welcome to my world……….


  2. I think you should have some good rest for the time being. And, thanks for the retweetng my friend. God Bless.


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