My muse is back…

… At long last.

Seems that he/she/it has finally seen fit to amble nonchalantly back to the UK after deciding to spend longer in the USA than I did…  I suppose he/she/it doesn’t have the overheads that I do – no hotel bills, no food, no flight tickets to worry about…?  It must be nice to be able to carelessly abandon your lord and master without regret or concern for this significant other’s well being…?  Hmmm, I also know some cats that are like that…

Anyway, he/she/it is home and, crazy as it might be, I can’t feel too cross about it.  Nope, I’m just delighted by the reappearance, pleased that vivid scenes are starting to form in my mind again and that, as a result, the words are starting to flow.

When my muse is around, all is well in the world.  For a while, as I turn perfectly white screens into dreams of distant lands, I can stop worrying about whether I’m good, bad or indifferent at it…

For a while, I can just enjoy writing.

Welcome home, Muse.

I missed you.

[p.s. A little infommercial – thanks everyone – this blog has now passed the 2,000 visitor mark which is really amazing, encouraging and, at the same time, quite humbling… I really appreciate the support and interest… Cheers! AB]

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  1. Glad your muse made it’s way back home. I hate it when the muse wanders off on it’s own amd you’re left bereft with no fresh ideas. Hope you get some good work done now!


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