Some people…

… are put on this Earth to shine light into dark corners, to evoke smiles on grim faces, to live for the extraordinary, to remain optimistic when all around them see only doom and gloom…

Unfortunately, I’m very sad to say that I’ve just heard that one of these people has been cruelly snatched away from us. One of my friends.

Can I say that we lived in each other’s pockets…?  No.

Can I claim that I was someone he’d pick to turn to in an emergency…?  No.

Did we drift in and out of touch with each other as life’s buffeting journey pushed us around on our own separate courses…?  Yes.

Which makes it all the more telling that news of his untimely death has saddened me so much.

Some people are naturally – and entirely – nice to know.  Some people can have a heart of steel that they only ever reveal and use for good purposes.  Some people are the kind that you can meet up with once in a blue moon and feel like you only saw yesterday.

These kinds of people are a benchmark for me.  They live their lives well.  Of course, there are times when things get tough and perhaps the occasional crack shows through…  No-one is perfect, after all…  Everyone has an off day.

Looking back, I don’t remember my friend having many of those and I wish I could say the same about me.  I will remember him as having lived a life that was, and still is, worth aspiring to and I will miss him not being there, continuing to set his high standards just by being around…

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  1. Sorry to hear about your friend, Anthony…We never want to say goodbye, but it’s out of our control. Remember him for who he was and hopefully those memories will help you down the road of grieving.


  2. What a wonderful tribute. Very touching, and what a remarkable person he must have been. You’ll have such uplifting memories of him.


  3. Thanks both of you… I spent a while wondering whether I should post anything at all and I’m glad it seems to read like I hoped it would. I appreciate your kind comments.


  4. I’m much older than you Ant, and I’ve had friends that I’ve sighed over, and felt their loss, and others that I’ve grieved over, because their passing has left a hole in my existence. But your words were inspirational and heartlifting. I feel for his family.


  5. I’m trying to catch up on all my emails and just saw this. It is always hard to lose a friend, even if they are not as close to you as you would have liked. It is a nice tribute you put for him here. I’m sure he would appreciate it.


  6. Sorry for your loss…


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