April Showers, Thunderstorms & The Rest…

It looks as if my earlier weather predictions turned out to be correct.  The UK has returned to its more normal cycle of cloud, drizzle, torrential downpours, thunderstorms and even hail. “Can’t complain though,” he says with a smile as thin and translucent as a slice of the finest Prosciutto.  “To look on the bright side, the plants do need a bit of water….”

The gloomy weather has, at least, prompted me to concentrate a lot of time on the next book and I’ve added somewhere between ten and twenty thousand words to the draft. Strangely, my mind has also started wandering off to muck about with concepts, ideas and plot points for the next novel too.  Given how much writing and editing is left to do on Thunder, this is both exciting but also a little disconcerting.  I’m a bloke.  Best for me to do one thing at a time….

So, to help me stay focussed, I’ve put together a little graphic to track Thunder’s progress toward publication.  In case it’s of interest to any of you, I’ve also added it to the sidebar for this site.  It’s not a comprehensive model of the myriad iterative steps and activities which lie ahead of me but does summarise some of the core stages of the book’s journey from concept to launch.  Each block arrow of the diagram might take weeks or more likely months to complete but I remain hopeful that I’m on track for a Q4 2012 release.  The arrows will become ‘greener’ as each stage moves toward completion.

If you click the graphic there’s also a sneak preview of what the front cover might end up looking like.  At the moment I’m only finding the odd minute or two to play with cover art so the central icon – the most complex part – is missing.  Whilst there’s not much to see at the moment any feedback is, as always, very much appreciated.

Right then, time for me and my trusty keyboard to get back to the dusty eastern shores of the Caspian.  At least it’s not raining there…

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