Firebird: International English Edition published

That’s it then, done.  It even seems that Amazon’s “Look Inside” feature has updated itself reasonably quickly this time.

Changes in the latest edition:

  • Cover updated to reflect text style being used for Thunder.
  • Improved dedication page
  • Improved Map pages layout
  • Consistent use of surnames throughout
  • Almost 20,000 single quotes manually reset to double quotes and vice versa (and, no, as far as I can work out – and courtesy of apostrophes, thoughts and quotations – there is no automatic way to do this accurately…)
  • Changed to International English spelling (where relevant)
  • Re-edited to (hopefully) improve the ease-of-reading and flow – no changes to underlying storyline.

FYI: The first of the Alpha Readers are finished with Thunder, and the second round of Alpha readers have started…  Here are a couple of very quick soundbites from Thunder’s first rounds of feedback:

  • “A triple AAA read… move over Firebird.”  […doh!]
  • ” …it made me question some of my own approach to the world around me…”

So far, so good!  At least a complete re-write doesn’t look like it’s going to be necessary!

I’ll be posting the draft blurb here in a few days time… [gulp] and I’ll be really interested to hear what you think of it…

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