Thunder – The Blurb

Okay then…  Here goes…  This is the draft blurb for Thunder.

It took me about twenty different attempts to put Firebird’s Blurb together (a.k.a. Product Description, Back Cover, etc…).  I’m hoping I’ve done a better job this time around, but I’d really appreciate hearing what other people think about it.

Thunder will be categorised as Action & Adventure / Technothriller.

Any feedback or comments would be very much appreciated!



Mine is a love story, written in blood.

A tale of an ordinary life, destroyed in the same white-hot furnace of fire and metal that snatched away everything I ever wanted, that stole everyone I loved, that scorched my soul and then forged me into something new.

I am changed, alone, and in pain – with no friends, no allies, and no-one I can trust.

People call me Nick Tonner, but I don’t care much for names.  Some might say I’m a hero. Some might say I’m no better than those I despise.  Call me what you will, because it doesn’t matter to me.

I have nothing left to lose, and only one thing left to live for…

I want you.



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  1. Hi Ant, like your blurb. I take it that it’s a revenge thriller, (correct me if I’m wrong). Nick has lost the ones he loved and is seeking retribution? Perhaps, the only change I would suggest is the second paragraph, ‘that scorched my soul and then forged me into something new.’ New suggests a change of personality, maybe from a law-abiding, conscientious individual into a murdering, revenge seeking killer, stopping at nothing to achieve his goals, his lust for the blood of his tormentors, the killers of the ones he loved. Sorry, got a bit carried away there. I was going to suggest changing ‘new’ to vengeful. But, upon reflection, ‘new’ keeps that bit of ambiguity, asks the reader the question, thereby making the reader wonder what Nick is all about. And that’s good. Therefore, my question is, will your write a blurb for me, and how much do your charge?


    • Hi Albie, sounds to me like it’s working just perfectly! :) That’s pretty much exactly what I’d hoped the words would conjure up. As for blurbs: the first time around, I found I’d been putting all the elements in but getting the order/structure wrong. What helped me was to chop them up and shuffle the pieces for a while. Sometimes it just creates nonsense, but it also stirs up all sorts of new ideas and options. As for ‘blurb commissions’… I’m barely confident enough to charge for my books, but if you email me one of yours I’ll be happy to spend a few minutes experimenting for you! Cheers for the fab feedback!


  2. Anthony, it gave me the chills. Somehow I envisioned Arnold Schwarzenegger in Terminator… Nick seems as powerful. Good job!


  3. Wow. Great blurb. It tells enough to pique my curiosity and make me want more, and it has a powerful emotional impact. Great tone and voice too. I think you got it right!


  4. Just a question, Anthony. Do you need to read the first book before you understand the second? Thunder sounds wonderful.


    • Thanks for the encouragement, Judith! To answer your question: Firebird and Thunder are both standalone novels and the two books couldn’t be more different. I guess I’m running a risk with reader expectations but, in the end, I’m stuck with the stories that appear in my head! I can see a couple of pre/sequel options for both of them but, as yet, the vague outlines are not strong enough for my liking… :) thanks again!


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