On Yer Bike…

…Or the post also-known-as, Some Things Don’t Happen Every Day – Part Two.

I’m not sure if you’ve noticed, but something unusual is happening in the UK at the moment. No, I’m not talking about the orange-yellow, hot, glowing orb that has been peeking out, from time to time, from behind our more normally gunmetal-grey cloudscape.  No, I’m not even talking about the sudden rash of Union Jacks currently fluttering from any available stick or length of string.

No.  What I’m referring to is the sudden – and somewhat disconcerting – propensity for smiling.  I’ve never seen so many happy, talkative and friendly Brits before.

I was out on Saturday and took this picture so you can see what I mean…

What’s going on here then?

A few weeks ago, it was random runners with flaming torches.  Now, it’s brightly coloured bicycles, completely jamming up the highways, and hurtling around like there’s some sort of race on…?

What next, I wonder?

Any minute now, someone’ll be telling me we’re playing host to the Olympics and I can’t see that there’s much hope of us doing that…

For that, we’d need some real support: support of monarchs, princes, lords and ladies; support of parliaments and prime ministers; support of infrastructure providers, police, emergency services and, of course, the public…

For that, we’d need to be prepared to stand in the world’s spotlight and to be examined for all of our strengths and weaknesses: good and bad.

For that, we’d need to be confident in our eclectic – and often eccentric – culture, history and legacies: good and bad.

For that, we’d need to remember how to smile and be friendly to one another…

Good Luck to all the Olympians.

Your achievements are truly breathtaking.

And, of course…,


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  1. Glad you’re enjoying the Olympics and that it has increased the smiles all around your corner of the planet. My own city will never host one since it can’t compete with all the bigger and more popular ones in the US, but I’ll get over it, lol. The games have been fun to watch on TV. Lots of triumphs and uspets, along with the usual drama, but that’s what makes the Olympics so much fun to follow!

    BTW, I’m quite proud of the team who won in the women’s gymnastics all around last night. Not naming names, or countries, though :)


  2. I love the Olympics. End up watching them instead of reading. Your opening ceremonies were phenomenal and memorable–and significant. I’m American, but I still get all excited when I see Prince William and his Kate in the stands.


    • :) I totally agree. It’s been great to see both Princes (and Kate) there, supporting all of the athletes. They were interviewed on BBC last week as part of the coverage and seem to be really enjoying themselves. From the opening ceremony, I wonder if the Queen might have a secret soft-spot for Daniel Craig…? ;) But, seriously now, I can’t help but be awed at her amazing ability to keep the monarchy “current”… her father clearly set a great standard and doubtless her many grandchildren are all encouraging her from the wings. For her to have agreed to be part of the Bond sequence was very impressive (and very well received over here)!


  3. Glad to see Bradley Wiggins got gold in a time trial, however, I was stunned the Brits could not make the football medal rounds! We (my family) love the EPL, and since our USA boys didn’t make it, we were cheering you all on. Robbed, bummed, and disappointed.


    • Penalty Shoot-outs have never been good for us!! :) The problem for GB, with Olympic football, is that we normally play as four separate national teams (England, Scotland, Wales and N. Ireland). The UK Football Association is reluctant to put a multi-country team forward as it would add even more games into the already crammed competition schedules. Your ladies did the business though, and I enjoyed that final immensely! As a side note, my observations from this post continued for the whole fortnight and the Games had an incredible effect over here. Aside from the medal successes, which were astounding, the whole colourful spectacle somehow managed to bring out the best in us socially as well. Long may the memory and effect of those halcyon days continue… “Inspire a Generation,” said the posters and flags … and that, they certainly have.


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