So That Was The Year, That Was…

… Almost permanently wet.

It feels like only yesterday that I sat and drafted last year’s resume and here I am again: doing my annual audit and checking off what’s happened.  It’s kind of scary how quickly this comes around – time flies past us at an alarming pace, doesn’t it?

So anyway, 2012 was a year of quite significant contrasts for me.  Almost a “game of two halves”, if you’ll allow me to disabuse a soccer analogy…

For much of the year I was, effectively, unemployed.  This is never a great place to be but I didn’t give up on finding gainful employment (of the type that pays well enough to cover the bills) and was lucky enough to land a new role this Autumn.  That, on its own, would probably be achievement enough for one year but I have a few more:

  • Garden fences painted (despite the perpetual rain)
  • Garage woodwork stripped and painted (despite the perpetual rain)
  • Loft boarded (because there’s only so much rain you can take…)
  • Bedroom decorated (will it ever stop raining?)
  • Olympic flame watched (in a brief gap in the deluge – lucky me!)
  • Olympics cheered (along with 55 million other damp Brits)…

And, probably most importantly:

  • Thunder written (12 hours a day until May, then left alone for three months, then edited alongside starting my new job – i.e. over a month of far too many hours a day)…

With Thunder, I’d set myself a personal goal to see if I could improve on some of Firebird’s flaws: I think I have.  I’d also set myself a goal to publish in Autumn: I only just made it.  So why push so hard?  Why not just kick back, or give up, or not bother to set stretching goals?

Well, regular visitors will know that my year also included the unexpected and sudden loss of a friend.  A friend from whom I’d drifted apart, but was on the verge of meeting up with.  A meeting that circumstance kept delaying until, one day, he just didn’t come home from his holidays…

It’s shocking when something like this happens.  Especially when death comes prematurely to someone only a handful of years older than me.  But it serves to remind us that life is a short and fleeting gift.  Time travels past us too quickly.  The rain may never stop…

We have a choice as to what we do with the life we’re given: use it, or lose it.  And I’m determined to try my best to grab every second I’m lucky enough to be gifted, and to wring the most I can out of every single one…

Here’s to 2013: another cycle, another raft of seconds, another chance to do crazy things, to laugh, to cry, to make merry, or hay, or just to have fun…

Happy New Year Everyone!

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  1. If you were a woman, I might have been a bit concerned about the first line of your blog post…

    Anyway, you wrote a good wrap up. You’ve accomplished a lot with getting your novel done, starting a new job, and all those home repairs! You should be proud of yourself.

    I understand how the loss of a friend can alter ones outlook on life. Suddenly it seems less okay to put off those things you figure can be done tomorrow. At least you took something positive away from the experience. Each day really is precious.

    So have a Happy New Year and may this one be every bit as productive as the last!


  2. Hope 2013 has less rain and lots of happiness.


  3. Happy New Year, Anthony! May 2013 be a lucky one for you and your loved ones. And since you’re in dire need for some sun, I’ll pack a few rays from the sunny AZ and ship them to you priority overnight. Hope they’ll be there just in time for a new beginning!


  4. Happy Hew Year Anthony. Keep posting !!!


  5. Me? Naughty? The fact you figured out what I meant says your mind isn’t entirely clean either! Lol

    Thanks for the feedback on the cover and blurb. I’m glad to hear they look good. I appreciate the shout out for my cover reveal as well :)


  6. Thanks for sharing the good with the bad. Appreciate your transparency.


    • … a rare moment of weakness …!? :)

      p.s. Finished “Tears”… Epic story, my friend! Truly, I have no idea how you managed to map it all together. Cheers for a couple of weeks of solid entertainment!


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