The Eternal eBook Pricing Conundrum…

There’s not much writing going on at the moment: partly because the routine distractions of life are preventing me from having much mental bandwidth and partly because I’m simply not in the mood.  Given that my writing is a hobby, I’m not going to try to force myself…

Instead, I’m trying a bit of an experiment.  Having two books in circulation gives me the opportunity to try out different pricing regimes.

I’ve always kept my pricing as low as possible within the constraints of Amazon’s royalty-based rules.  I’ve also learned, from promotions, the risks of ascribing zero value to a book. One thing I’ve not done so far is try out the lowest royalty band and, as the levels of royalty I receive are pretty much nil, now seems a good time to play with a few changes!

Personally, I think Thunder is a big step forwards from Firebird; so I’ve been considering for a long time adjusting my pricing to reflect this.  Although, as an aside, the first US review for Thunder claims that Firebird is better… hey ho… each to their own…!

Anyway, for a few weeks I’m going to trial having Firebird at the lowest price point available to me: 0.99 cents.  Let’s see how it goes and I’ll let you know if I see any results…

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  1. I always like to hear how things go when authors play with prices on their books. I’ve kept mine at $2.99 since publishing in January and that has gone really well for me, but there may come a time when I decide to change it up a bit. Be sure to update with how the experiment goes!


    • Will do, Susan! Good to hear your book’s doing well! :)


      • I’ve been pleasantly surprised and hope sales keep up. Wishing you much success as well and do post that update. I’ve seen some people drop their price to .99 with nice results and considered doing that for mine just before the release of my second book. Still can’t decide whether or not to do it, though.


  2. Good luck, Anthony! Marketing isn’t easy, is it?


  3. Just thought, I really like Lindsay Buroker’s blog on marketing. Have you ever tried it? Even if you don’t want to get as serious about promotions as she does, she gives a lot of information.


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