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Apologies for a distinct lack of posts recently.  I’ve been kept rather busy by the boring and mundane necessities of living a normal life and only being a part-time writer!

Nonetheless, I am cracking on in the background on the storyboard, character biographies and research for my next novel.  Things are progressing nicely although, for the first time, I’ve realised that the scope of the tale is now definitely far beyond a single work.  This is kind of tricky, and new ground for me.  Whilst Firebird and Thunder are both written with open hooks for pre or sequels, the storyline I sat down with for each of them had a contained beginning, middle, and end.  It was clear how much ground they’d cover.  This is not the case with the new one. In fact, I’m scoping and storyboarding across what will likely be several manuscripts.

There is the option to write one, massive, blockbuster – but I’m not sure that the few fans I’ve got – or even I – have got enough patience to wait till I’ve finished it! So, as it is, I’m just marking up thoughts and ideas for later works and concentrating on honing the important components for at least a “Book One”.

It’ll be another sci-fi/fantasy/action and adventure mashup with possibly a tiny dash of UF just for the hell of it…  Crazy?  Maybe, but my objectives have and always will be to try to create stories that are a little bit off the beaten track!

Anyway, I also promised an update on how my pricing programme was progressing.  Well at the moment, my jury is still out.  Firebird does seem to be ticking over slightly more regularly at its price of 99c and Thunder is also selling the odd copy at my old base price.  Recent weeks have seen a very slight upturn, but that might just be a seasonal effect.  I’ll keep you posted as the months roll by.

To be honest, I’m way past thinking my books will ever earn me more than the odd pound or two and I’m genuinely excited and honoured whenever I see that someone has taken a punt to give one of them a go.  And at least with slow sales I’m not under any pressure to pump out the next one!

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  1. Interesting blog. Is your new project going to be a series of connected novels that lead, step by step, from a beginning to an end in sight? Each book will be self-contained as a story, won’t it? Or not? When I read Karen Marie Moning’s Fever series, her cliffhangers always caught me off guard. They made the story feel unfinished somehow.


    • I’m not a fan of fragmented books either. I’m hoping each piece will stand alone but with a wider story-arc and theme which then runs through them all… the storyboard seems to be heading in that direction anyway! LOL :)


  2. I’ve been posting short novellas online (only about 40 pages each), and I’ve just started thinking about making one or two of the series work together in a wider story-arc. I’ve gotten quite a few comments that readers want more and longer stories. There’s another author who’s writing a series of novellas as parts of a bigger story–Delirium by Susan Kasye Quinn. She posts a story every week or two. It seems to be working for her.


    • There certainly seems to be a market for novellas. Maybe it’s being driven by the trend toward soundbites, Youtube and snack-food-television…? Anyway, each to their own! I did think about splitting Thunder up into smaller pieces but then decided it wasn’t for me (well, not now, anyway!)…


      • Oh, and the covers for your novellas look fantastic! Great Job!


      • The biggest feedback on my novellas are readers saying, “Too short. I want more.” So I really believe most readers prefer long to short. So I’m guessing you’re doing more like a trilogy of stories like Star Wars with a long story arc that connects all of them? I can see that working!


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