Back; Not Necessarily…

… in the land of the living.

Yes: I’m back from my holidays.  For the record, I only had a couple of cheap weeks on the beach and returned a while ago to the usual chaotic crash-dive of return-to-work-related issues.  To be honest, I feel like I need another break already!

But enough of that.  My holiday did exactly what I needed it to.  It cleared my head and, sitting on the beach, a little bit every day, I’ve somehow, amazingly, drafted over 25,000 words of my next story.

Being straight with you, I’m under no illusions that many of these draftings will end up in the recycle bin.  Equally, many sections will require considerable, relatively easy, expansions when I start pulling it all together into a comprehensive whole.

When I get some time, I’ll pull together a graphic like I did for Thunder, to illustrate progress. I have no idea whether any of my visitors find this useful but, hey ho, it does serve as a bit of self-stimulus to make sure I keep putting in the writing hours!

Anyway, I suppose I ought to get back to the somewhat abstract title of this post: it’s a veiled reference to the subject matter of the new novel.  I’m not going to reveal too much yet, but I can say that I’ve settled on the title…

The next book will be called G’host.

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  1. Congrats on pounding out so many pages! You’re on your way. Glad your holiday inspired you. And I like your title.


  2. Welcome back, sounds like you had a good time, 25,000 words? I bet in reality two of your keys got stuck and you didn’t notice. Happened to me once, did a word count and found out that wip was over 200,000 words. The space key and r were stuck. I’ve never eaten over the keyboard since. Good to have you back.


  3. Thanks both! I was surprised myself. I deliberately didn’t look at the word count while I was away and just let myself go with the flow… You know how it is: writing sometimes feels like getting ketchup out of a bottle – an age of shaking and then suddenly there’s sauce all over the place! :)


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