Firebird (Description & Blurb)


Myth has been unleashed.

When an industrial accident on a tiny Mediterranean island unexpectedly pours tremendous heat into ancient bedrock something long-hidden is lying there, waiting.  Trapped for over two millennia in the dark and cold of the ground no-one could have predicted this sudden burst of incubating heat.  This maternal warmth.  This nuclear reawakening.

Myth has returned as a dreadful reality.  A reality so dreadful that the mighty Roman Empire tried to erase it from history.  So dreadful that humankind would rather not remember – would rather not even recognize it in the first place.

Myth has suddenly become a swathe of death and destruction and now only one man has the knowledge to track it down…

5 Stars – “WOW … a truly well constructed plot, full of suspense and action…”

5 Stars – “Different! … I really enjoyed reading it.”

5 Stars – “An excellent read … it kept me gripped right to the end.”

4 Stars – “A very interesting and well told story…”

4 Stars – “Loved the Firebird … If you like Rollins or Jeremy Robinson, pick this one up.”

Internationally acclaimed action and adventure, sci-fi thriller.  c.400 print pages.  114,000 words. First published May 2011.

Currently available on Kindle: Kindle-reader apps are available for all popular platforms including: Mac, PC, iPad, iPhone, iPod Touch, Blackberry & Android devices.

Free sample chapters available from all Amazon sites:

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