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The Wild Blue, Yonder…

Time for me to vanish for a while.

For many months I’ve been wrestling with good and bad spirits, and now it’s time for me to put some dedicated effort into ensnaring them; in black and white.

I’m hopeful that a stretch of golden sand, some warm weather, blue skies and crashing surf will provide a suitably undisturbed backdrop for my notepads and meditations.

So wish me luck and see you soon…  :)  AB


What do demons do on Valentine’s Day?

I’m sitting here with a huge grin on my face.  Fellow blogger, Mistress of the Dark Path, has just selected the finalists for her February Short Story Competition and, you guessed it, a small slice of my crazy imagination has somehow managed to sneak its way into the top three!


I find that penning short stories, like this one, is the intellectual equivalent of a good workout.  The Mistress does an excellent job of setting a base theme and then several compulsory items – literary hurdles – which must be circumnavigated within a rigid word limit (hmmm… come to think of it: the similarities to my relentlessly vicious sports coach are spooky…).  This stretches the imagination and then the act of posting to a public audience is both exciting and encourages attention to detail.  It’s something I’d wholeheartedly recommend and the Mistress runs her competitions most months… so go on! Why not give it a go next time?

This month’s theme was, not surprisingly, Valentine’s.  All of the entrants were amazing and somehow the Mistress has whittled them down to three…

Now it’s your turn.

The winner is selected by an open vote but you need to hurry.  Voting closes on Friday.

I had such a lot of fun writing mine that I’m more than satisfied just to be on the shortlist but please do pop along and help yourself to a few short minutes of free reading on us.  The stories are brief and will all, hopefully, make you smile.  Vote for whichever one you most enjoy!!

Vote Here:  February (Valentine) Finalists on Musings of Mistress of the Dark Path

Want to read all of the submissions?  February Competition Page on MoMotDP

Halloween is creeping up on us (new short story available)…

A little ghostlie...A writer friend of mine (The Mistress of the Dark Path) is running a Halloween themed short story competition on her blog site.

Normally I don’t get involved in this kind of thing but, as I was laid up with my bad back at the weekend (now thankfully getting better!), I thought to myself, ‘Why not?’

A couple of random hours later I’d knocked up the requisite thousand words, managed to weave in a bit of a fun (a potentially dangerous habit of mine as this time it involves the Mistress herself (thankfully she has a great sense of humour)) and satisfactorily de-spooked myself for another year.  It’s not perfect (by any standard) but it was an amusing interlude to my normal writing.

She’s had quite a few entries and one of the rules is that I can’t post the story here until after the closing date so, if you’re interested in having a look before the big day itself (or fancy having a go for yourself!), follow the link at the bottom of this post and see if you like the little “ghostlies” that are gathering there (mine is lurking somewhere in the middle)… Enjoy…

Time for me to get back to Thunder now.

Follow this link to check out the Mistress of the Dark Path’s October Short Story Competition

In a dark place…

That’s where I am right now…  Surrounded by demons.

It’s okay though; I often find myself here and, if I’m honest, sometimes I quite enjoy it.

The tricky thing is finding my way back out again…

It can’t be helped; the twists and turns of life, combined with a cursedly overactive imagination, can at times conjure up bleak and bitter landscapes, in every direction, as far as my mind’s eye can see.

So I need to remember that this is not reality; the pessimism and negativity that I’m weaving around myself is just another fiction.  Life is much more balanced and generally very kind.  It randomly produce all sorts of unexpectedly pleasant gifts and surprises…

I just have to make sure I look out for these little breadcrumbs.

Recognise them, when they happen.

And follow them out of here…

(Now listen you guys, how am I supposed to write with you lot dementedly chattering at me…? Oh and you, yes you, the one with the eyes like blazing coals and teeth like razored switchblades… mmmm, you…, stop it.  That’s no way to behave in public…)

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