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Some Things Don’t Happen Every Day…

Olympic Torch

Check out this picture…  Amazing, isn’t it…?  The sun is shining in Warwickshire!

I took this photo yesterday…  I’m not sure who the random strangers are in the foreground, and those brief minutes of glorious sunshine made carrying that flaming torch a bit of a redundant gesture. Nonetheless, it was nice of them to bring something along to brighten up the normal gloom.

So, there it was…  The UK Summer caught on camera… All fifteen minutes of it.

I’m bored of the British rain now.  So I’m going to go away for a few days, to see if I can find some Scandinavian rain instead.

I’m off on my annual pilgrimage to Finland.  Not for Midsummer this time.  No, this year the visit is carefully timed to coincide with the local Tomato Carnival…

Hmmm, it feels strange even just typing it…

Anyway, as a result, my next post is likely to be cram-packed full of the latest fruit news (or ‘vegetable news’ depending on your personal tomato-bias).  I’ll bet you can’t wait and I’ll have to make sure I post something when I get back – and as soon as I’ve eventually sobered up again.

What’s the betting that the weather turns lovely whilst I’m away?

[p.s. Note to self: try not to fall out of any boats this year.]

[p.p.s. Congratulations to all of the Olympic Torch Bearers and to the Relay organisers.  It was great to see everyone out on the streets and enjoying themselves. Here’s to a successful, though doubtless damp, Olympic Games!]

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