Firebird (Editions)

This page lists any changes made to Firebird between editions.  I am grateful to anyone who reads my work and want you to have full visibility of any differences between versions.  If you have an early release then I believe (though I might be wrong) that you can email Amazon and ask them to “Push the latest edition” to your Kindle library:

Mid 1990’s: A crazy idea germinates somewhere in the dark recesses of my mind.

Early 2004: Handwritten manuscript completed; copy-typing and editing commences.

Firebird Front Cover (c) Anthony Bellaleigh 20118th May 2011: First Edition (Kindle ebook format) published on Amazon.

1st July 2011: Second Edition (Kindle ebook format) published on Amazon.

Changes in 2nd Edition: Slightly extended opening chapter; minor formatting insertions to improve the reading experience for users of the larger kindle font sizes; updated contact information.

Firebird7th October 2011: Third Edition (Kindle ebook format) published on Amazon.

Changes in 3rd Edition: New artwork (front cover); added ‘zoomed’ maps; change from underline to italics for stress words; minor typo/punctuation tightening to revised front end. 

6th February 2012: Fourth Edition (Kindle ebook format) published on Amazon.

Changes in 4th Edition: Full front-to-back edit.  No material changes to main storyline: Tightened initial character introductions; Retuned character relationships; American language corrections; Small insertions regarding Roman pre-history; Index links added; minor formatting/typo/punctuation corrections. 

Firebird Front Cover (v5)18th June 2012: International English Edition – fifth edition (Kindle ebook format) published on Amazon.

Changes in 5th Edition: Updated artwork minor (front cover); Improved dedication and map pages; Changed to consistent use of surnames throughout; Typography reversed to “66 and 99” for speech;  Full cover-to-cover edit for improved readability – no material changes to storyline; Changed to International English spelling throughout; Updated Author Pages and added Preview Page for Thunder.

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