My Idiot Guides (i.e. written by an idiot)…

Mainly to help myself remember (between books etc.), I’m adding this section of “how to” guides for some of the technical complexities I’m tripping over during my journey into Indie Publication.

Perhaps they’ll be useful to other authors too but if you do have a look then beware – I’m making absolutely no promises or assurances that these things (software packages, etc.) will work if you try them…  (in other words: make regular backups, especially if using non-commercial software options).

The majority of the guides will be mac-centric (as this is what I use) although there’s no reason why the principals and steps can’t be followed on a PC (Microsoft/Windows) platform using the equivalent software packages.

Feel free to add improvements, ideas or suggestions using the comments section below (and/or on a specific subject page)…


Coming soon(ish):
  • Cover Design 3 (3D Images) – transition from 2D to 3D cover graphics
  • Editing and Proofing
  • Final book build and publication

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