Nail Nibbling Time…

That’s it!  Thunder’s Alpha Copy is finished.  Now it goes to my willing victims… no, I meant, gullible fools… no, I meant, favourite masochists… Of course, I really mean, my Alpha readers.

This will be the first time someone, other than me, gets to see the storyline.  From my perspective this is exciting and scary in equal amounts.  I’m deliberately reticent to discuss what I’m writing about, with anyone, until it’s done.  So my Alpha readers have no idea what the story’s about.  They get exactly the same as anyone else will: a blurb and a book.  And, after twelve months of scribbling, I hope it works!

The Alpha reader’s job is to check the base draft for typographical mistakes and material plot-line flaws.  They’ll confirm whether or not I need to do any substantial re-writing before I move on to a wider Beta Reading community.

So, how do I feel right now?

Well, pretty good actually.  I took my same three objectives into the writing of Thunder as I did for Firebird: could I do it, would I get any fun out of it, and would anyone else enjoy it afterwards.  The first two are a definite, ‘yes’.  The last one…?  Well, now I’ll find out…

Fingers crossed!

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  1. It’s certainly a relief when you finish a novel you’ve been spending a long time on. Congrats for getting it done! Hope the feedback is good and constructive. Revisons can be the really tiresome part.


    • Thanks Susan. Apologies for not finding time, amongst my frantic editing, for a sci-fi short this month. Looking forward to reading the entries though!


      • No problem. I totally understand being busy. As a warning, June is zombie month and July is going to be smut month. If those don’t appeal to you, I’ll understand. Both came by request and I’m amazed how many people have already asked to get the zombie stipulations early. Didn’t realize so many people liked them, lol. They’re not really my thing, but I’ll still look forward to seeing short stories on them.


      • Thanks for the “exclusive”…! Zombies, eh? Now let me think…


  2. Good luck! I have 3 faithful writer/reader friends, and we trade manuscripts back and forth. I always screw up something. It’s nice to have people who care enough to point out my mistakes.


  3. Well done Ant, sorry Anthony, you probably don’t want to be associated with you know who. Are you looking forward to some editing? Does the thought fill you with glee? I can’t wait to edit, to peruse every comma, full stop, quotations (single in my case), grammar (grammer to many on Kdp forums), every sentence, every capital letter etc. etc. I’ve learnt to love editing, and do you want to know my secret? I can only have a beer when I’m editing. Just finished my latest, edited all of Terry Pratchett’s, what’s next? The Oxford English Dictionary is the closest to hand without having to stand. (Oh, I’m being poetical)
    Wish I had an Alpha friend, actually, I wish I had a friend.
    Anyway, crongrads on finishing Thunder, I hope it’s a success for you.


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