Thunder: A Brief Editorial Update

I know… I know…!

I was a little ambitious with my timeline for Thunder…

This post is a short update to let you know that I’m about halfway through my final edit and I suspect it will be a few more weeks before the book is finally ready for publication.

Why is it taking so long?  Well, firstly, it was really important that I let the book settle for a few months before coming back to it.  Being able to read with a “fresh pair of eyes”, has helped me to see that the front end needed quite a lot of fine tuning to improve flow and consistency.

With hindsight that’s understandable, I suppose.  Even though Thunder was written over a few months, as an almost full time activity, the opening sections didn’t quite fully understand the final richness of the characters when they were written.  Neither, despite working to a comprehensive storyboard, was all of the fine detail of the story fully fleshed out.

Proof readers haven’t complained.  But I noticed that any comments were clustered into this area of the text.

The main delay, however, has been that I’m back to having to write part-time and have to find slots in my day where I’m not too tired, or grumpy, to concentrate as much as is needed for this somewhat onerous – yet at the same time strangely enjoyable – task.

Anyway, I’m past the 50,000 word point and corrections are becoming fewer and farther between – though I’m still finding the occasional apostrophical goof here and there!

Time for me to get back to it…

[NB1: Apostrophical: A British English, Warwickshire County, made up word meaning: the description of an author’s doomsday-like feelings when discovering that a possessive apostrophe has snuck, unbidden, to the wrong side of a pluralising ‘s’]

[NB2: Pluralising: also a made-up word… meaning: not enough time to concentrate properly on a post…]

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  1. Well, better to to turn out a quality product than to rush it. Sounds like you’re working as hard as you can. Hope you get it all done soon!


  2. I’m about halfway through Firebird. Not my usual reading material, but enjoying it. I really like myths, especially Greek myths. As for writing, rewrites make all the difference, don’t they? Have fun!


    • Hi Judith, my turn to feel very nervous! Thanks very much for giving Firebird a go. I really appreciate it. I learned a lot from writing it. Lessons I hope I’ve improved upon in the new book… Whenever I manage to get it finished! :)


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