Sometimes life needs a “Pause Button”…

It felt like I was sitting in a steaming cauldron when the bruised purple-orange cumulonimbus finally retreated eastwards, still grumbling ominously as it went.  The damp pavements dried quickly in the returning evening sunlight and, as I watched from over my thankfully still cool glass of beer, the resulting will-o’-the-wisps masked the walkway’s various asymmetries and all-too-often toe-catching unevenness.  In the background, splendid palaces rose on all sides, encrusted with meticulously carved baroque decoration which emerged almost pointlessly from every inch of masonry.  And amongst these symbols of audacious power, punctuating this grandiose wealth, between the gold-fronted Gucci outlet and the brand new Lamborghini Gallardo LP560-4 Spyder, a small family are wandering along, with darkened skin and deluge-drenched rag clothes, their world’s possessions in their tattered plastic grocery bags, smiling and laughing despite their obvious and undiluted poverty.

Some Tuesday evening…  Maybe it’s a sign…?  Maybe Thunder should the next project – it’s been rumbling around my mind for a while now…?  If it is, then I suspect that a version of this scene from Bucharest will be lurking somewhere inside it…

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