…where would we be without them?

How many of our life connections can truly stand the test of time?  How many Facebook or Linked In friends will still be there in a year?  Or two years?  Or five?

I had dinner last night with some guys I’ve known for (perhaps too) many years, guys who I deeply respect, my mentors in many ways and whom, due to the usual burden of diary pressures and faux priorities, I haven’t seen face-to-face at any time this century…

To be honest, I was a bit worried…

What would they look like?  Would they be tired and lined-by-age?  Would they appear some pale shadow of my memory of them?  Would we have anything in common any more?  Would it just become an uncomfortable ressurection of a past best left consigned to the dimness of time?

To be honest, I was an idiot to be concerned…

Nope, they’re not Merlins so, yes, they’re all getting older.  And happier.  And more full of life.  And still pushing their individual and magical boundaries.  And still fascinating to talk with.  And learn from…

I’m not leaving it another ten years for the next round.  We’re already planning the next session for sometime in November.

Maybe my hangover will have gone by then.

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