I’m really touched that this blog is getting a steady stream of visitors and just wanted to say a quick thank-you to all of you who are mad (or bored) enough to be passing through.

You might be interested to hear that Firebird is still valiantly swimming upstream against the current deluge of print-to-ebook conversions and has sustained a position in the top 25,000 in the UK for pretty much the whole time since publication back in May.  In the US/Rest of the World (.com) it’s managing to stay in the top third (just!)…  Thanks again to everyone who’s given it a go.

I had three ambitions when I started writing a novel: 1) could I do it, 2) would I get any fun out of doing it and 3) would anyone else like it?  Thanks to some very kind reviews I can now happily tick all of those boxes and move on to writing something new.

In the end, a story is nothing until it’s shared and nothing shares a story better than independent and personal recommendation.  Whether it’s my work, or that of any of the many other indie writers, please rest assured that every one of your comments, reviews, Facebook shares and tweets are incredibly important to us.  We really do (well, I guarantee that at least I do) appreciate them.

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