Happy Mondays…

Winning Story


They don’t seem to come around all that often but this week…

It turns out that my short story has won its competition!

Thanks to everyone who visited and voted; irrespective of who you supported.  I hope that you found the stories amusing!

One of the things I really like about the new wave of indie-publishing is that otherwise undiscovered writers are suddenly accessible.  My literary entertainment is not longer constrained by having to read books that have passed whatever suitability tests the publishing houses are applying at the time of submission.  As a result, stories that would normally not be considered commercially viable for publication are now at our fingertips.  This opens up writing in a completely fresh and exciting way.

Competitions like this one provide an opportunity for readers to sample some of this work and whenever I look at them I am amazed at the range of styles and subjects on offer.  If you’re interested in writing, then they’re also a great place to give it a try…

The Mistress is planning another competition in early March so keep an eye on her blog site for details!

February Short Story (Valentine) Finalists on Musings of Mistress of the Dark Path

The Mistress’s February Competition Page  – all of the details, rules and entries for February on Susan’s website.

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  1. Congrats!

    The other issue of self-pub and indie is that there’s a plethora of slush to wade through before reaching solid, good ground.


    • Very true. I have a personal vetting process which I adhere to rigidly before I buy anything: first Blurb, then ‘Look Inside’, then Sample Chapters. Amazon’s samples are automatically set at 10% of the book length so you can pick out the novellas and short stories (they only have two or three sample pages)… Goodreads also provides some useful pointers…

      FYI – Here are a couple of indie sci-fi crackers that I’ve enjoyed in the last few months: Happy Snak (Nicole Kimberling) and Turing Evolved (David Kitson)



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