To Blog, Or Not to Blog, That Is The Question…

First off: apologies to the esteemed Mr. Shakespeare who has probably just spun a merry pirouette in his grave…  Alas, poor Yorick!  I couldn’t help myself, Horatio…

Okay.  Enough of that…

On my daily travels around blog land – which are an occasionally-disciplined meandering; motivated by my desire to support fellow authors, an interest in other like-minds, and my genuine belief that there is much that we can learn from one another – I come across all kinds of blog strategy.  They range from “post, post, post,” to “once in a blue moon.”  Personally, I don’t mind either, providing the content is interesting and, for me at least, that’s the rub.

My strategy has always been to post only when I feel I’ve got something to talk about and I try to treat posts as being a “shop window” onto my imagination.  This means that I follow a similar, if shortened, process to the one I use for my books, namely: draft, leave alone for a few hours, review/edit, leave alone, review/edit, etcetera, then finally, post.  A side-effect of this is that posts are not quite realtime, but I’m of the opinion that timing is less important than inadvertently undermining my, albeit embryonic, brand as a writer.

Of course, I’d agree that blogs should always be something of a personal ledger, a lighthearted collection of random thought-fragments and ideas, and they should provide an insight into personality and general Weltanschauung.  They will, most often, be light-touch and will likely play host to the requisite population of mischievous typos.  After all, we’re only human, and the next major manuscript is probably crying out for its rightful attention.  But, nonetheless, I would still advocate a careful approach to all publication, especially for authors.

Perhaps this is wrong?  Perhaps I should worry less and post more?  I’d be interested to hear what other people think on this subject.  Especially given that I know – and respect – how successful and popular many of your own blog sites are…

[p.s. On the off-chance that Mr. Barker (whoever you are) is passing through here: I’d just like to say a quick thank-you for your recent review of Firebird on the US Amazon site.  For the record: I do read, and appreciate, every piece of feedback.  I am very grateful that you took the time to share your thoughts and I was deeply touched by your kindness.]

[p.p.s. The use of question marks?  Hmmm, perhaps you’re right?  I’ll have a think about it…  :)  ]

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  1. I’m just starting out, so I have no answers on blogs or novels…or even marketing, but I do know that some bloggers can drown me with posts, even when they’re really good ones. And some bloggers post so rarely, I sort of lose my connection with them. When I see your blog posted, I look forward to checking it out. It’s a good one.


  2. Great thoughts, as usual…
    I’ve been so focused on writing my books, that I’ve taken a vacation from blogging. As a fiction writer, I’m not sure how much blogging has helped promote my book, and in fact, an agent even told me that he encourages his writers to Tweet.

    I’m sure I’ll blog at some point, but right now, I prefer to focus on writing what I’m passionate about.


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