It’s supposed to go on the walls…!

I’m currently embroiled in a highly complex challenge.  It involves many dangerous instruments, convoluted procedures, and noxious chemical compounds.  My knowledge and experience is being tested to the limit.  Risk of failure is significant.

I’m decorating the bedroom.

Or, more to the point, I seem to be participating in some sort of weird, daily, adult face-painting class and, as a result, appear to be mainly decorating myself…  Thank goodness that emulsion paint is easy to wash off.

And next time: remind me not to agree to put up coving, or to add spotlights, or to try to renovate the walk-in wardrobe.

I strongly suspect that at least one of the regular visitors to this site will be chuckling merrily as he reads about my woes – given that he does such things professionally.  This is okay. Laugh away.  Given the mess I’ve just made of edging the feature wall, I deserve it.  But fear not my friends; this tale will almost certainly have a happy, if slightly drawn out, ending.  It will doubtless take me about a hundred times longer than a seasoned craftsman but my perfectionist nature and obsessive compulsive disorder will help to get things straight before I’m finished.  Well: I hope so…

Anyway, whilst I’m sure you delight in discovering my hidden talents for knocking up Dali-istic murals around my home, I suppose I ought to provide some updates on my writing.  The storyboards for the next novel are developing nicely and so are the characters.  This raw material will doubtless get thinned down, and mixed about, once I start writing in anger. Whilst I’d love to dive in and start scratching out some pages, I’ve learned from Firebird and Thunder that this phase – Planning and Preparation – will pay back ‘in spades’ providing I put sufficient time and effort into it.

My planned Apple iBooks publication of Firebird has hit a small technical snag and will have stay on hold for a few more months – which is a little bit frustrating since I’m a big Apple fan and master my books on a Mac.  However, on a positive note, another proof reader has finished Thunder – reporting back that they thoroughly enjoyed it and were completely blown away by the twist.

I’m going to start my own final re-read/edit of Thunder in the next few days, so I’m still on track for a release date sometime in the next few weeks.

Watch this space…

[Now then, let’s see if that last coat of paint has dried yet…]

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  1. I feel for you. Home remodeling is not for sissies. We bought an older bungalow for its “charm”–uneven walls, arches that were moved more times than once, pipes that needed replaced. I still love our house, but I’m convinced there is no “simple” fix-up project. It’s a lie. One thing leads to the next until it’s a never ending chore. Good luck. And good luck with your books.


    • Hah! The hidden challenges of wobbly walls… Don’t get me started on them! LOL… :)

      As an aside, Judith, I just read the Hunger Games trilogy. With the benefit of hindsight, I’d have to say that – from my humble perspective – I think your book, Wolf’s Bane, was every bit as good… Just felt I should let you know…



  2. Wish I could have helped, at least with the painting. I would have driven over, but that dang Atlantic Ocean always gets in the way.


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