Mine Is A Love Story, Written In Blood…

So this is it.  More than five years of musing, and over a year of hard writing, bring me to this point…  Thanks to all of my visitors and alpha and beta readers for your help over the last few months.  Now it’s time to see if Thunder can stand the scrutiny of general release!

Available from today…

Thunder Cover v4

Mine is a love story, written in blood.

A tale of an ordinary life, destroyed in the same white-hot furnace of fire and metal that snatched away everything I ever wanted, that stole everyone I loved, that scorched my soul and then forged me into something new.

I am changed, alone, and in pain – with no friends, no allies, and no-one I can trust.

People call me Nick Tonner, but I don’t care much for names.  Some might say I’m a hero. Some might say I’m no better than those I despise.  Call me what you will, because it doesn’t matter to me.

I have nothing left to lose, and only one thing left to live for…

I want you.


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Writing to amuse myself and entertain others. (https://anthonybellaleigh.wordpress.com)

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  1. Great blurb! Good luck with your book.


  2. Happy release day! I love that blurb. Very catchy :)


  3. Skimmed a few pages on Amazon. Your writing has grown tremendously! Wishing you the best and hoping to grab Thunder in early 2013.


  4. Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year Anthony. Regards !!!


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