Steve Jobs: World-changer…

I have been part of the high tech industry for many many years and an Apple user for far too few of them…

My Mac is the only computing device that has ever made me smile with delight (genuinely!) and, even now, it still just ‘does things’ that add value (and give time back) to my life.  We shouldn’t be distracted by Apple’s slick marketing machine and corporate brand-building, behind this Steve Jobs built truly enabling technology with a breathtaking attention to detail.

All the more impressively, his life-journey contains both highs and lows.  Long periods of failure as well as success.  This makes him, in my eyes, even more of a role model.  Makes him all the more human and credible as a personal benchmark.

I am really saddened by today’s news.  He really was a world-changer…

RIP STEVE JOBS : 1955-2011

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