Time Warp…?

I must have been through one…

Spring has been cancelled and the UK has jumped straight into mid-summer.  Not that I’m complaining.  Cloudless blue skies always bring out the smiles, the good spirits and stimulate a mad rush to dig out shorts and t-shirts from the back of the wardrobe.

Yep, I’ve even found mine…

Thunder’s draft is also, at the moment, at a point in time somewhere toward the end of March.  This is an unexpected coincidence and the current, exceptional, heatwave is making it tricky to write about what should be the usual chills and morning frosts.

Nonetheless, good progress is being made and my word count has now crept above the 70,000 mark.  This is broadly in line with where I think I should be according to the end-to-end plot line that I’m working to but I strongly suspect this novel will now end up being slightly longer than Firebird is.

Probably like every other British citizen, I’m optimistically hoping that these weeks of warm sunshine are not the entire quota for Summer 2012.  If my writing progress continues at the current pace,  I’ll soon be diving into scenes describing hot and dusty lands, with baking dry heat and my two main characters embroiled in a seemingly unwinnable fight for their lives.

It’ll be much so much nicer if I can be doing that writing in similar conditions to today’s and not, as I suspect might be the case, under wall-to-wall leadened cloud cover with an extra jumper on just to keep warm!

Fingers crossed, eh?

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