This is possibly long overdue but I wanted to take a few minutes to say thank-you to everyone who has taken the time to write a review or post a star-rating for Firebird whether on Amazon, Goodreads or elsewhere.

My self-dictated policy for Amazon Reviews is not to comment on them.  I feel that, if I did, it might be perceived as being intrusive, that it might accidentally undermine the credibility of what’s being posted and that it might also be misconstrued negatively by roaming internet trolls and other nay-sayers.  That said, I do take notice of them.  Some more carefully than others…

Obviously, I’m delighted when I see any sort of positive response and disappointed – but not surprised – that some people don’t get on with the book.  Books can be like that.  What works for one person doesn’t necessarily work for another and the premise, by its nature, requires a small leap of faith.  If a reader, for whatever reason, cannot make this leap then one of the central, if not the central character, will not work.  This is why the book opens as it does and why the strap line on the cover is there… together I’ve always hoped they’d be a couple of pretty big clues.

Anyway, I’ve learned a huge amount from the whole Firebird process and I’m trying hard to put this new knowledge into practice as I press on with drafting Thunder.

To those readers who do post positive messages I’d like to say a special thanks.  I have, over my many years, plumbed the art of self-critiscism to spectacular depths.  Even my most virulent critic is unlikely to get close to my own scathing self-doubt and pessimism. Constructive feedback really does help and feels as good as a touch of warm sunshine, or a friendly pat on the back, or perhaps like the sudden and unexpected appearance of a helping hand being extended toward me when all seems unachievable or lost.  Positive feedback genuinely drives me back to my laptop and inspires me to keep writing.  Whatever things I might write in the future will therefore, in no small part, be thanks to your kind encouragement.

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  1. I only know you from Goodreads, the reviews you leave there, and I never realized you were an author. I should have. The clues are there. Your writing is just so damned good. And you’re SO humble. But I know what you mean. I’ve learned a lot from the reviews I’ve gotten. And I appreciate them.


    • Thanks Judith. The levels of friendship and support so readily available from the wider author community has, for me, been one of the most pleasant discoveries of the last few months. As for “humble”… Hmmm… I suspect it’s more probably “paranoid”… LOL :D


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